Monday, 17 September 2012


RIGBENITO2 from adamconwayjuniorjesman on Vimeo.
It’s been a while since my last post so I am going to make this a Monster!-ish one to make up for it. The topic of this Post is Rigging. To any non Animator/3d Artists, this is the process of building a skeleton that determines how your character moves.  It’s simply making a computer generated skeleton underneath your 3D model.In stop motion animation its making an armature that allows animators to “give life to” the Object. Below are some examples from Studio Laikas latest project, Paranorman.

ParaNorman - Faces of ParaNorman from Grow Film Company on Vimeo.

Now, the thing I like more than anything is creating and writing stories, followed by animation……. Rigging, texturing, lighting, are my least favourite pastimes.  A good Rig should make an animators Job simpler. It should enable and empower an animator to put the character in all sorts of poses and situations without limitation. When we began making the Rig for Benito.... Adam gave me the following Link as something we could aspire to terms of flexibility......

I said man! THIS RIG IS BEASTLY!!!!.....unless we 1. Pay or 2. kidnap Mario or 3. Spend months figuring out how to Rig like this! I propose a different approach…….FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION.  Let’s Rig the character according to what we intend to do with him, rather than make a Rig for all seasons!
Ever since University, I have been rigging things according to this principal, some Artists (Apacapa Faridzuan) will probably disagree but I will try and argue my reasons why: