Saturday, 23 June 2012


Who is Benito?

Benito, full name Benito Romances Von Sharkspeare is an effervescent little 6 year old Dino-Shark. He is friendly, zestful, curious and and absolutely hates water because he cant swim. Little is known about his birth...except that he was found by Adam W Conway and Junior Jesman who have been developing and helping him grow. He does not know where he is from, but believes there are others like him in the world and so, he has decided to pack his bags and search for his kin. We hope you will join him on his adventures and journey as he searches for clues of his story...his history. 

So.....What is Benito's Travels?

Benito's travels is a comical, 3D animated web series of 45 second episodes following Benito, as he travels the globe in search of his family. The series hopes to highlight the cultural differences and similarities of world culture. Benito approaches everything in life with childlike wonder and enthusiasm and it is these qualities that form the basis for some humorous mishaps and events.
What will be on this Blog?

This blog will highlight the working process behind getting a character like this from the initial sketches to a fully realised 3D character, onto storyboards, design, lighting, rigging, animating and rendering him. We hope to be posting art and getting some feedback on the project as we are working on it. We want it to be a collaborative effort...memebers of the public with any suggestions, write comments or just send us an email to: From time to time, Benito will personally send post cards from different countries he visits, telling and showing us all how his adventures are going.

Dino Shark from adamconwayjuniorjesman on Vimeo.