Sunday, 5 August 2012


When Adam showed me the sketches above of the Benito character, I thought whoa, its like a cuter version of Street Sharks!
That used to be one of my favourite shows when I was growing up! That along with Swat Kats. Not many Animators I know/ have spoken to seem to remember that show: so it was refreshing to hear Adam (3D Artist) say he liked those shows as much as I did. 

 I could go gallivanting down memory lane on all the awesome shows that existed in those times, but all I remember was that those shows had a lot of action animation! It seems like modern shows are dialogue heavy and very character driven (ego, persona-one man shows)

Now of course Adams' sketches are a lot more rounded, they are not of the same vein as the aforementioned programmes and sway more towards young children's TV so  we had to create a story to suit the design. We thought the characters appeal is in his roundedness, although he could be dangerous (He is a shark! check the teeth) he is ultimately lovable, a pet. This made us think of the highly successful Simon's Cat.